Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Kid's First Hit, Mail, And A Mega Trade!

Hey there sports fans, I have a few new additions from Ebay and a huge trade to show you.  But first of all here is my 6 year old son's first ever hit.  He got it out of a pack of WWE cards I bought him at Kmart

Randy Orton is one of his favorites, so he was pretty happy about this.  If you have any WWE relic cards you want to trade let me know, If it is a superstar my son likes, we can work a trade.

These two came in the mail fro Ebay recently:

A few weeks back, 'Joe from the D' shot me an email that he might have a few cards from my list.  Well, after a bit of back and forth emails and card pulling, I got a huge package with a ton of cards from Joe.  This includes a giant pile of cards from my set and team set lists, a giant pile of inserts and parallels, and some a few other sweet cards...feast your eyes on some of the highlights of what Joe sent.

The Ray Rice card is totally the cherry on top, a patch/auto #'/10

I have a package ready to go out to Joe, and I will be on the look out for more to send him beyond that as well.  Joe from the cam e strong!  Thanks for a great trade, your cards will be in the mail shortly.

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