Sunday, May 22, 2011

O's Game Today! Little League Parade! Derek, Nick, Adam, Brian, and Vlad!!!

What a great time we had today!  Today's O's/Nats game was quite an event.  Today we were in the little league parade around the warning track of Camden Yards.  While waiting to enter the park for the parade, we were off to the side right next to the players parking lot...Oh, hey look there, its Derek Lee...who is that behind him??? Nick Markakis.  They were late for warmups, but did not seem to be in a hurry.  We were only about 20 feet from them, and they both waved to the kids.

Now they lead us into the service entrance of the yard.  My son's T-ball team was the first group to go, so we are at the front of the line.  I say we because I am a coach, and my wife is the team mom.  We are led to the garage door in right field, but not out into the park yet.  What a surreal view of the stadium!  There is Adam Jones playing long toss with another Oriole (Nolan Reimold, I think).  While we are waiting for the parade to start, out of one of the doors in the back comes the Oriole Bird.  Of course, I had to give him a high five.  After a few minutes of Hamming it up with the little leagues, he goes out onto the field.  All of the sudden, I look up, and here comes Adam Jones, gold chain and all, running into the service tunnel to high five some of the kids.  He is a class act, this was NOT the way into the clubhouse.  He shook my hand first!!!  I am so excited now, it is like I am a 36 year old 10 year old!!!  First Derek Lee and Nick Markakis, and now this!

We finally start the parade around the warning track, and there is Brian Matusz playing long toss.  I yell out "Hey kids, there is Brian Matusz!"  He turned around, and the poor guy looked so confused as to why there were all of these kids on the field.  I guess he didn't know about the parade, he probably could have been in it, he is not much older than the kids are!

This was probably my 5th or 6th time actually being on the field at Camden yards, but every time is as exciting as the first!

We finish our lap around the stadium and they lead us back into the service tunnel under the ball park.  As we are walking back up the ramp to the outside of the stadium, a big dude is coming down it is street clothes...It was Vlad, the big man himself!  I said "Hey man!" and he greeted me right back.  He actually cam in the service entrance instead of the players entrance just so the kids could all see him.  Don't tell Showalter, but Vlad was hella late getting to the park!  Vlad also went on to hit the 2-run shot that gave the O's the win!

A few college buddies met up with us at the game, Mike, Matt, and Matt's "Lady Friend" Sydney.  And my buddy from work Brad and his fiance Crystal came too.  We all sat together and had a great time!  My son had an absolute blast too, which means everything to me.

I really felt like a kid again today, more so than I have at a ball game in a long long time.  I hate that they are not contenders, but I love my O's!!!

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