Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yet Another Sweet Trade!!

I am here to report exactly what the title of this post says...yet another sweet trade!  This time I go together with Dave from and we pulled the trigger in just a few days on a trade that made us both happy.  I sent him a couple Twins auto's (of players that meant nothing to me, but something to a Twins fan) and about 35 or so cards from his want list. and he hooked me up with some '71 Phillies, some Gypsy Queen O's and Phillies that I needed for my team sets, and my very first (second) Topps silk cards, a 2010 Corey Patterson (a year ago I traded/bought-can't remember a Cole Hamels, but that was a gift for my father)

So with no more delay, here is what has me so happy!  Thank you, sir!

One last thing...Mark Reynolds is garbage...worst acquisition for the O's since Glen Davis!...but I still needed him for the team set...but he is still garbage...

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  1. I like the pain-free trades; thanks again!