Monday, May 23, 2011

Ebay Delivery Today!

I have this bad habit of seeing an old inset card and deciding to collect the set of them.  The 2003 Fleer Fall Classics Pennant Aggression insert set is a prime example.  About 2 months ago, I was looking through some old cards and came across the single card from this set that I owned, Thurman Munson.  It is a well designed die-cut card which is serial numbered.  I added the 19 that I did not have to my list and fugured that it would sit there for years like half of the other stuff I put on my lists.

Well, last week I just happened to stumble on an auction for a lot of 12 of them with a few bonus cards (the auction only stated 1 additional card).  Since most of the card collecting world only cares about the hits from the newest product, I ended up getting it on the super cheap! $4.04 shipped, to be exact!  You can see the auction page here

So here they are (leaving me only 7 left to get):

These were the bonus cards (which has resulted in adding this set to my list):

Just for good measures, here are some doubles that it yielded, a Chippa, and a Teixera (all available for trade)

Just in case you have some spares lying around, here are the cards I still need:

2003 Fleer Fall Classics Pennant Aggression
1 Ty Cobb
5 Frankie Frisch
6 Pee Wee Reese
7 Yogi Berra
10 Frank Robinson
15 Catfish Hunter
20 George Brett

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  1. I have a bad habit of seeing inserts on someone else's blog and wanting to put together the set. Those pennants are great. I am a sucker for die cuts because I missed out on most of them when I wasn't collecting.