Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow, snow, and more snow!

30 inches of snow have kept me busy.  I shoveled out once car yesterday, put all of the snow right in the street!  Then the plow came I have to shovel out the other car, but there is no place to put the snow.  I will have to carry each shovel full about 20 feet to the closest non-road area.  That sucks!  So what better way to put off shoveling than a blog entry.

I have 4 pics to share today: 
First is  a nice card of Jimmy-Jim-Jim.  this 2003 Fleer Rookies and Greats card is 361/615, so it is not exactly the rarest, But I love O's G/U's that have orange cuts in them!
This is a 2006 Prestige card with no s/n.  I got it for a song and a dance on ebay,  I guess that is because I was the only potential buy who did not notice the obvious discoloration on the bottom left corner.  Its cool though, I am a McNair fan, he was just an all around tough guy in the pocket.

Right up there with Bill Bates, Emmitt Smith, Ed Reed, and Derrick Mason, This guy is one of my all time favorites.  He is as tough as they come, as smart as they come, and as intense as they come.  This 2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity is 22/25.

And finally, This 2003 Donruss Pokey Reese (commonly used as a bookmark) is braving the weather and getting ready to help me clean off my Civic.


  1. Yeah dude. Looks about the same here. About the only upside to being stuck at work is that I am parked in a garage, and won't have to deal with the digging out.

  2. Yeah that Palmer is great looking. Very striking.

    lol...nice pokey reese card...I dont see footsteps!