Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Key Orioles Acquisitions This Past Weekend

This past weekend was not a bad one at all.  The President's Day Holiday allow for a trip to Chuck E Cheese, which I had been promising my son for weeks and I finally made good on it. 

It also involved a trip to Arundel Mills Mall (which I HATE) for a birthday gift from the Disney store.  I just knew it was going to be a lousy trip to a mall with more plowed snow mountains filling the parking lot than spaces to park, with more rude and obnoxious shoppers who think you are in their way, and more factory outlet stores that have the same prices as every other store! 

This trip was just a bit different than expected.  After driving around for about 30  minutes looking for a space, we finally parked at the entrance to Modells. We were making out way through the store to the mall entrance,and.. looky looky what I found!
Yes the price tag is correct!  So what if the year is a month and a half shorter than the calendar, it was a freakin buck!  When I got home, I happily pealed away the days until the date was current.

The next stop in the mall was a store called '5 Below' where you guessed it, everything is $5 or below!  I was just really thirsty and wanted to stop and get a Diet Coke  While standing in line  I looked down and saw something that I have been off buying for years.  This is mostly because I always seemed to have more important places to spend $20 than on a book, even if said book chronicled the best Orioles team of my lifetime.  Then I saw the price...TWO BUCKS!!!

Needless to say, I bought the soda, the book, and I was now in such a good mood, I even threw in some Pez for my son! 

To be quite honest, the rest of the mall trip is just a blur.  I was so happy with my two awesome deals, my wife probably could have gotten away with dropping a fortune and I would not have even cared!!!


  1. Ha! Nice! You are a great Orioles' fan!

  2. Sweet finds. That's a good book, I read it last year.

    Sometimes Arundel Mills will have little card shows. Ever been to one?

  3. I have been to shows at both Arundel Mills and Marley Station. The best show in the area is the bi-monthly show at the Author Slade School in Glen Burnie.