Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Ordered A Nacho Grande, And This Is What I Got

I love trading through the mail.  I get all giddy when I pull a bubble mailer or a box from my mailbox.  I have never really noticed, but I probably skip or frolic home from the mailbox (about 40 yards).  When I get something  in the mail that I bought, it is cool, but I already know exactly what I am getting.  When I get a trade in the mail it is awesome because a great trader will always throw something else in with the trade.  Something that he didn't tell you he was putting in.  Sometimes he may give you a hint, like "I'll see what else I have..." but he never really tells you.  The when you open the package, it is there in all of its cardboard glory!  And you know what makes TTM trading so great?  Even if there is nothing extra thrown in with the trade, you still just got free cards and all you had to do was mail some cards out that you probably will not notice are gone anyways!

That being said, I got a package in the mail yesterday from Chris over at Naco Grande.  In exchange for 175 Barry Larkin cards and about 10-15 2005 Greats of the Game insets, he sent me the following:
First of all there were a bunch of cards from my want lists for 2009 Topps, 2009 Topps Target, and some O's, Phils, Ravens, and even a Cowboy for some team sets I am working on.

The Jones is a Refractor, and the Aikman is actually a promo card.  It sure is too bad the O's could steal Howard a few years back when he was having contract issues with the Phillies...
First of all, I love Adam Jones,  The O's got him from the M's in a lopsided trade for Eric Bedard on my Sisters birthday in February of 2008.  He spent his first year in orange and black being good and his second year being great.  He improved in HR, RBI, AVG, H, R, 2B, BB, and SO....he also won a Gold Glove.  If he can win 15 more in a row, he can catch up to 'ol Brooksy!  And the then, the surprise card...A Goudey Graph of Lou Marson!  Lou was the top prospect in the Phillies minors until the Phils had to trade him to get some unknown pitcher from Cleveland named Cliff Lee.  Now, Marson is going into spring training as the Tribes starting catcher.  I am still big on him, so this is a great bonus card!

There were also some random O's and Phil's thrown in as well. 

Great trade!  I am looking forward to trading with Chris over at Naco Grande again in the future!

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  1. Glad you got the cards! I recieved yours too (both packages) and am in the process of adding posts about them to my post queue. Look for them this week! Thanks again!

    PS: You might want to change the link name to my blog to Nachos Grande ;)