Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics...Io sono il tifo per l'Italia (that means I am rooting for Italy)

Extenuating circumstances have kept me away from my blog for too long and I fear that I am too late to advertise a great contest for you to enter.  If that is the care (which I am pretty sure of), let me advertise it anyways.  JD's Wild Cardz. is hosting an great Olympic contest, check it out HERE.  Basically you are given a random country, and based on the medal count for your country, you get x number of entries into a fantastic prize drawing.  Check it out.

I got Italy, Io sono il tifo per l'Italia!!!  This triggered my curiosity about Italy and MLB.  After wasting about an hour at work yesterday, I found that there are about a billion Italians to have played in the Majors, but only 6 were actually Italian born.  There has actually not been an Italian born in the bigs since Reno Bertoia played for the Tigers in 1962.

So on to the National Italian American Sports Hall Of Fame where I found a ton of great athletes.  My favorite is former baseball player Buttercup Dickerson.  Who was the league leader in triples in 1879, but more importantly left the St. Louis Marrons in1884 for greener pastures in Baltimore with my beloved Orioles!

Anyhow...on to the Winter games Go Italy!!!

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