Sunday, February 28, 2010

2007 Topps Heritage SP's

I was digging through some boxes looking for a few Maddux cards for a trade, and I came across a handful of 2007 Topps Heritage short prints that I would love to trade to someone who is building the set.  If you need these, let me know.  If you know someone who needs these, let them know.

2007 Topps Heritage SP’s:

59 Kevin Millwood

158 Cleveland Indians

240 Jason Giambi

248 Adam WainWright

338 Todd Walker

393 Melky Cabrera

419 Scott Kazmir

447 Mark Redman

FYI, every now and then I will throw up a list of stuff that I have for trade hoping to find some takers.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, if you still have these 2007 short prints, I would be interested in trading for them (I dont need the Kazmir card). I could send you the following cards in return:

    1979 Topps
    160 M. Flanagan
    188 P. Kelly (off-center front)
    262 N. Briles
    414 Hornsby/Cobb
    306 F. Bannister
    393 S. McGregor
    422 R. Jones
    443 B. Bochte
    585 H. McRae
    593 R. Dempsey (slightly off-center)

    1981 Topps
    13 J. Charboneau
    591 J. Lowenstein
    689 Red Sox prospects
    661 Orioles team (back is marked)
    681 Mets team (back is marked)
    684 Cardinals team

    Please let me know (