Monday, February 8, 2010

Saints Won, ESPN in tears....

Congratulations to the Saints and their fans for a huge Superbowl win last night!  I was rooting for them,  but really wasn't so sure that they would win.  They really found a way to contain Manning in the second half...Don't give him the ball!  And then when Manning did get the ball in the 4th quarter the Saints D really tightened up.

Let me get one thing straight I am a Cowboys fan first and a Ravens fan second.  I do not hate the Colts, and never have (I do hate the Ursay family, especially the scumbag Bob).  I think that Manning is arguably the best QB our this generation, and maybe ever, but he is a very poor sport and needs to grow up a little.  Nobody likes to lose, and Peyton needs to handle it like a big boy.

I almost feel sorry for ESPN because, first, their second favorite football player had his pants pulled down by the Ravens on national television (Brady), then their favorite football player got beat and beat up by the Saints (Favre), and then their third favorite football player got beat in the SB by the Saints (Manning).  And on top of all that, yesterday Ovechkin and the Capitals beat ESPN's favorite hockey player (and cowardly cherry-picker) Sidney Crosby!

As sad a day as it was for ESPN, don't you worry about them.  They will never stop loving Favre (or talking about him), and now that pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp in a few days, ESPN will be able to resume covering only the Yankees and Red Sox.

Sportscenter was such an awesome show in the '90's...Now it is just the Kobe, Peyton, Favre, Brady, Crosby, Yankees, and Red Sox Show.


  1. Very nicely put about ESPN and Sportscenter. That is why I no longer watch them, or consider them relevant. I get all the baseball I need from XM MLB Homeplate.