Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Rest Of My Ebay Action.

Ok, so this is a continuation of my last post just kind of letting everyone know what's new in my collection vai ebay over the last two months.  I will post some more Derrick Mason patches soon too.

Cowboys are a tough pick up on ebay they usually bid their way out of my price range before they close, but every now and then I sneak one through.  With s/h, the Witten patch was only $4.50.  The Mason is a 2008 Score artists proof 4/32.
Some people hate seeing a jersey card of a player with a swatch from his old team.  Personally, I don't mind it at all, and in some instances, it really makes a card jump out at you.  The '08 Certified Materials Mason card above is a great example!
This is my first Wayne relic and it is not a patch, but is two colored and #'d 14/45  and last but not least is a card that i picked up with the Wicked Ortega in mind....maybe he would trade me that Ed Reed UD Black card for this...
I also just got a package from Pops in the mail today, I will scan those in and post what he sent next time.  And the official Mason patch count is coming soon as well!

See you next time!

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