Sunday, November 7, 2010

Patch Time Baby!

If you have been reading my blog you know that I am a huge Derrick Mason fan.  You should also be aware of my quest to have 24 Derrick Mason patch cards by 2011's opening NFL Sunday.  If not, well, now you know!

I have been able to increase my Mason patch collection to a total of 18 patch cards (13 unique).  Here are the newbies:

So my quest continues.  I am now only 6 patches from my goal, I am 11 away if I try to make all 24 to be unique cards.  As for my prediction on his 2010 season statistics, after 8 games:
  • Mason has 30 catches, I said he will finish the season with 58.  Right on schedule!
  • Mason has 399 receiving yards, I said he will finish the season with 568.  Ahead of Schedule!
  • Mason has 2 touchdowns. Now I may have been a bit excited when I predicted 10 for the season, but he does still have 8 more games, you never know!

If you have any Derrick Mason patches or g/u's that you are willing to trade, let me know.

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