Saturday, November 13, 2010

Does Anyone Love The Browns?

Hey there sports fans, I have this little gem and I was going to throw it out there on ebay, but I figured that I would see if anyone wanted to trade for it before I did.

The "Rookie" down each side is not really blurry on the card, my scanner just has issues with reflective surfaces.  It is #'d 33/50.

If I have no offers by game time on Sunday, I will post it on ebay.  Any suggestions on how much to list it for?


  1. I'd be interested in working a trade for the Hillis. I've got Orioles & Ravens all over the place. My desk has so many stacks of damn bird teams on it that Albert Hitchcock would be proud.

  2. Sounds good to me. Email me at and we can work it out. Let me know if you have anything in the ways of Derrick Mason, Ray Lewis, Ed reed, Markakis, B. or F. Robinson G/U or autos and we can go from there. Looking forward to trading with you.