Friday, November 26, 2010

Good 'Ol Terrible Topps - The Markakis Edition

 I got this awesome redemption card at National back in August

 I went online and followed the directions to do the online redemption, and Topps promised me that my card would be ready on  11/20/2010....Well on 11/21/2010, I got this letter from Topps:

Dear Consumer. 

This email is to inform you that the Topps Company is currently beyond the 15 week processing time allocated for the following redemption card:

PIN #:      Product:            Card/Player Name
S9RTP2TGT8  Topps Tribute Baseball          Nick Markakis

Our staff is working diligently to process and ship your redemption card as soon as possible.  Please continue to check your Online Redemption account for updates regarding the status of your card. 

If you no longer wish to wait for the redemption card, please contact our Consumer Relations team in order to place a substitution request for a card of equal Beckett value. 

Do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations department via phone at 1-800-489-9149 or via email at for assistance. A consumer relations representative will be available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30 pm (ET).


Consumer Relations
The Topps Company, Inc.
I seriously doubt that they are "Working Diligently," to get my card for me...liars!  How diligent do you have to work to get an autograph (on a sticker probably) from a guy who did not make the post season and has no scheduled award ceremonies to attend.  It's not even like Nick is a HOFer.  Topps is just torturing me because Markakis is my favorite Oriole!

Every time Topps comes out with something cool or does something great, the screw it up by doing something like this.  Today, Topps really sucks!


  1. I will keep waiting for a bit, maybe through xmas, and then I am not sure if I will ask for a substitution. It would be a much easier decision if Markakis wasn't my favorite!

  2. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Can't they just put the damn cards in the pack?? Honestly, I hate this redempition crap.

  3. I just bought one of these redemptions from someone on the Blowout Forums. Hopefully Topps comes through and gets these cards made. The last time I received one of those "past due" messages, the card was in my mailbox 2-3 days later.

    Don't give up just yet!

  4. i got one of these on a clayton kershaw rookie auto from upper deck and filled out the replacement request... got an Ernie Banks auto...

    Not sure how Topps compares, but I was thrilled with UD