Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back In The Saddle!...And Pictures To Prove It!

I am sorry that I have been MIA for a month, but I am back.  So what has happened in my absence?....well...

-My Orioles had a great finish to what turned out to be a 265th consecutive losing season.  With the addition of Buck, there is yet another version of optimism for the coming season.  I certainly hope that this years optimism will pan out better than the last 12 years' vetrsions...

-My Cowboy are ready to win 9 straight games and win the Superbowl at home!...yeah right...  Thankfully rooting for the Ravens in the AFC as my #2 has been enjoyable.

My card collecting budget has all but disappeared which has sadly kept me from going to any card shows since National was here in Baltimore last August.  I have been bargain shopping on ebay, and have had a bit of success with that.  I have also made a few additions to my Derrick Mason patch collection.

So, without further delay, here is some hot ebay action:

The Rick Bary is 2/25, and even though I do not like the Celtics, I do collect NBA HOFers, so the Cowens is a nice addition to my collection.

My favorite from the Bowman Sterlings above is the Laimbeer.  I love the mask, it seemed like that guy had a broken nose his entire career...he probably just wore it to protect his face when he got into fights (every other night)
I am a big fan of the TOTT cards, I actually got a chance to meet Todd Heap a few weeks back and had a nice conversation with him, he is a really nice guy.  The fact that I also went to Arizona State was a great conversation starter!
 The McCoy ans Maclin are both for my father, and I bought 2 packs of epix and got the Sproles in one and the Pike in the other.
I will wrap this post up with my $2.00 Ripken.  If you ask me any Ripken g/u for $2.00 is an absolute steal!

It is good to be back posting.  I have more cards to post form the last 2 months of ebay, and a few more Mason patches too, so stay tuned, there is more to come!

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