Saturday, August 7, 2010

National Was Awesome - Part 1

National was indeed awesome!  As we all know it was right in my back yard this year, and as a result I got to go for the first time.  My dad flew up from Florida and went with me on Thursday and Friday.  We had a great time!

This blog is a review of just some of the stuff my dad scored.  Part 2 will be some of my scores.  Last but not least I will post part 3 which will be my overall review and comments about the 2010 National.

Just keep in mind that Pops is a Philly man through and through.
Pops also filled out a few sets and team sets, and got some vintage cards too.  I gotta say that when we found out he needed both knees replaced about a year ago, we were both afraid that he would not be able to make it.  He rehab'd hard though and was able to walk around the ginormous Baltimore convention center for two days in a row on brand new knees!


  1. Sorry I missed you, since I was there too. I'm also sorry for buying up all the good O's cards on Weds, before you even had a chance to look.

    Ok, so I'm not sorry about the last part. Sue me.

    It's awesome that you got to go with your old man. That is some quality bonding right there.

  2. I am sorry I missed you too. Did you buy all of the Murray autos? I could only find three of them, all 1/1. They ranged from $175 to $550, way out of my range!

  3. Wow! I lucked out then. An Eddie on-card auto was the top card on my want list. Couldn't find an on-card, so I picked up a Sterling sticker auto /10. It was only $40 too!

  4. Nice variety of cool cards. I can't wait to see yours.