Sunday, August 8, 2010

National Was Awesome - Part 2, The Continuation...

Here is the rest of my National booty.

The Aikman just pretty.  HOFer Emmitt has bonus Barry and Thurman (he found his helmet) on it.  Bob Lilly is an NFL great, this one is a sticker, but the next (Lilly) is not.  Bill Bates is my all time favorite football player, and hero!  This is my first auto of his and it has a 3 color patch with it, 16/25.

This Lilly is an on card auto, and a beauty at that!  I did not pay anywhere near the $40 price tag that is on it.  The Romo was a lucky pull, I won 10 packs of UD Football Heroes spinning the wheel at the D & A Card World booth, and the Romo was inside!  The second of three "New HOF Inductee," Emmitt Smith cards I got is a sexy looking patch!

The front of the card (top), Emmitt, Bo, and Barry was worth the price alone.  The back (bottom) is ok too, but McFadden, really?

 Five greats (front and back), and I like Stafford.  Staubach was the first jersey my kid ever had, it was a onesie jersey, who knew they even made those?

These are my two favorite pickups at National.  The Frank Robinson just sings verses to me every time I look at it.  I love the Ryan card for lots of reasons, the best part is that it is a two color swatch from an Astros jersey (on a card that has him as a Ranger).

 And finally, what could end up being my favorite card from National...but I may never know, it is a redemption card.  Well, I went online and redeemed it, and the friendly Topps website said it will ship on 11/20/2010.  I will believe it when I see it.  I could not resist the gamble (only a ten dollar bill)!

Opinions of national still to come...


  1. Many great cards. The Lilly on card is super.

  2. I have been reading a lot of people's take on the National and I have realized one thing; I spent less money than any person there. And I still felt dirty about it.

    Great pick ups. I really want to see what the Markakis looks like when you get it.