Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Contest is Over and There Is a Winner!!!

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to share their tobacco card storage methods with me, I had a few real nice suggestions in there.  The method that I am using (at least for now) is anything of value is going into tobacco toploaders and sleeves.  I Bought some with my box of 2010 A&G from Blowout Cards, but you can also get them right from the manufacturer over at BCW.  The commons, I am putting in a plastic 100 card snap case (sideways).

The final entrants are as follows:
Play At The Plate has 3 entries
BA Benny has 4 entries
Fuji  has 1 entry
Dogfacedgremlin has 4 entries
Cynicalbuddha  has 4 entries
TheJaw has 1 entry
AdamE has 2 entries
Cam has 4 entries
NMCLax24  has 1 entry

I went over to and put in each entry.  Prior to randomizing the list, my son decided for me that whoever was first on the list after 5 randomizations will be the winner.  Here they are:

Randomization #1  
Randomization #2

Randomization #3

Randomization #4

Randomization #5

Congratulations BABenny, you are the winner!  Please shoot you address over to me and I will get the prize out to you.  And that prize is.....

A tobacco sized game used card of a 14 year MLB veteran, Todd Helton

and, a tobacco sized game used card of a 17 year MLB veteran, Larry Walker

Congratulations again to BABenny, and that you to everyone who provided me with suggestions!

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