Sunday, June 27, 2010

Contest Update...And More

Ok, so here is a contest update.  If you are not familiar with my contest you can find it here.

Play At The Plate has 1 entry
BA Benny has 4 entries
Fuji  has 1 entry
Dogfacedgremlin has 4 entries
Cynicalbuddha  has 4 entries
TheJaw has 1 entry
AdamE has 2 entries
Cam has 4 entries
NMCLax24  has 1 entry

If you think that I have the wrong entry total for you, or somehow missed you, let me know.  The contest will run through approx. 7/ will actually end when the box I ordered from Blowout Cards arrives at my door.  So that means it is not too late to enter, all it takes to get an entry is to let me know how you store your tobacco sized cards, and get bonus entries from there...

On to a few other quick pickups...this book has some really interesting stuff in it and, it was just $5...

Here are a few recent Ebay bargains

And finally a few nice, recent, pack hits

The Jeter is a Artist Signature 1/10
Who is this guy?  Any ATL fans wanna trade?

I do have some cards to post from a recent trade from BA Benny, but I have not scanned them yet, so they will be up next time.

I also want to Thank Shelliebee over at The Middle Child for the Chicle cards she sent o help me fill out my set.

Well kids, that's all for today, keep the contest entries coming in!

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  1. I've got a post scheduled for 5:15 on Wednesday to pub the contest.