Friday, June 4, 2010

I Never Hated Him...But Something Needed To Be Done!

I would like to bid a fond farewell to one of the nicest guys in
baseball I have ever met, Dave Trembly.  That being said, I am looking
forward to moving on in Baltimore.  The miserable train wreck that is my
beloved O's is not a result of poor management from the dugout (at least
not in full), so I do not blame Trembly for the worst team baseball has
seen since 1988.  The team has stopped playing, trying, and caring. 
This is evident based most recently on the fact that they managed a
whopping 8 runs scored in this past six game road trip, in which they
went 0-6....And then tonight being pissed on by the Red Sox, 11-0.

The worst part of the whole thing (or best part...I don't really know),
is the 10 year old fanboy living inside me won't let me stop watching
them on TV, listening to them on the radio, and actually believing that
"this could be the series where we turn things around!" 

Thankfully, one of the voices in my head is that of an adult, which has forbidden me from spending any more money on O's tickets until they at least start to
be competitive.  The last 7 games I have been to they have lost, and if
memory serves me, they have only been close in one of them.

Although I am not in love with Juan Samuel as the interim manager, I do
welcome a new era of dugout management in Baltimore.  I also wish Dave
Trembly the best, and do not blame him solely for the catastrophe that
Baltimore baseball has become.
still drinking the orange kool-aid.....

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