Monday, May 31, 2010

Better Than The Orioles?....Can That Even Be Possible?

The Orioles have the greatest in the bigs...not team, not player, for sure not the owner...I am talking about Ball park!  Camden Yards is an awesome place to catch a game.  they have a new state of the art Audio system.  An HD digital production system that tops them all.  A groundskeeper with her own bobble head.  An  Irrigation System  that is sited in all kinds of publications.

It's too bad it sucks to go there anymore.  I realize this after having taken my wife and the boy to the Nats game on May 22.  A great ball park just doesn't do it anymore, especially when the team plying there has SUCKED for 13 years.  The birds have to do something to make it fun to go to the ball bark and watch your team get slaughtered.  They have a 3 card monte thing they do on the scoreboard where you have to find which crab has the ball...and that's about it for fun.  Credit Peter Angelos fro killing the club and the park they play in.

The Nats are not a bad team, and their park is nice.  But what they do in their park makes it great.  The presidents are fun, the food selection is great, the life size bobble head are cool, Screech is just as fun as any other mascot.  I could go on and on and on.  The Nats ballpark is a major league park with a minor league feel.  I wish it still felt like fun to go to Camden Yards. 

Go to a ball game in DC, and you will see what I mean.

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