Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Mailman Has Been Good To Me!

Without further delay, here is a bit of what my mailman has brought me in the last two weeks...
My first Ryan Zimmerman Relic

Too Bad the Tejada has a surface crease on it.  Oh well, it is for my personal collection so it is not too big a deal to me.

Ozzie is a damn fine GM! 58/250

The worst scan ever, but the card is great, 2006 TOTT jersey and 2 color helmet.  The back of the card authenticates bot \h pieces as having been worn in an official NFL game, not the vanilla event worn description where the word "Event" has never actually been defined!?!

I am not a Flames fan, but McDonald was a pretty fine player, and I got this card for under $5 shipped 

By now you know that Derrick Mason is one of my all time favorite players...Don't you?

Another Mason Patch.n
...and finally, a dual Dirk!


  1. That Lanny "the Stache" is awesome. Best card of the bunch IMHO.

  2. Dude , did you get my package yet?? Also i have a Zimmerman auto that i have doubles of if you would like it.... It's a little faded but you could still see it.... And its a Zim auto can't beat that!

  3. By the way do you still have that Cat relic??

  4. I did get your package (yesterday), I will scan and post tonight or tomorrow hopefully. I do still have the Cat relic. what set is the Zimm auto from? I Think I also have an Anibal Sanchez Cosigners Auto if you want that.

  5. Wicked, do you still want the Cat?