Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's on TV?

Are there enough sports shows on television that are not actual sporting events?

Every now and then there is not a game on to watch....that's when I turn to my DVR and look for my sports shows.

A few years back ESPN aired a show called "Playmakers" a while back for one season.  It was a GREAT show, but the NFL did not like the negative light it shed on the off field antics of the football players.  I guess that they were worried that it hit too close to home.

I am hard pressed to remember many sports oriented shows growing up comedy, drama, or otherwise.  But besides Playmakers, these are shows that I do remember: 

The White Shadow -I loved this show I used to watch it on "Nick At Nite" all of the time.  This one is a classic!

Sports Night - This was a Sportscenter type sitcom.  Unfortunately, I never really watched this show.  I will have to see if it is On Demand, or maybe buy the DVD'd

Two-A-Days - This reality based show aired on MTV and focused on a HS football program and the drama in the players lives.  I actually enjoyed it.

Coach -This was  a good sitcom, not great, but good.  Had it not been for Jerry Van Dyke, I think this show would not have lasted more then 2 seasons.

Arliss - This was about a sports agent and aired on HBO.  I never really loved it, but that might be because of my age when it aired.  Maybe I should give it another chance on DVD?

These are shows that I am religious about watching as every new episode airs:

Hard Knocks - I dig this show, even though it ruins the teams it features

Fourth And Forever - This is almost exactly like Two-A-Days was, except it focuses on the kids football first, and home life second I highly recommend it, especially if you played on a competitive high school football program.

WWE Tough Enough - This show is great because even though it is reality based, it gives you a really good look at the type of training, commitment, and sacrifice one needs to make to be a WWE superstar.  It is much better than past attempts.

The League - This sitcom is centered around a fantasy football league and may be the funniest show on tv.  It airs on FX during the fall season.  For me, missing an episode would be worse than fasting for a day...and I NEVER fast!

Friday Night Lights - Bar none the best drama that has been on television in my lifetime.  I love this show.  It has great casting, acting, and writing (except the story around Julie this season).  This is the last season for it and and that has my wife and I very upset.  If you have not seen this show, start from episode 1, the whole series is on DVD.

Necessary Roughness - This will be on USA in a few weeks, and all I know about it is that it is about a football player divorcee?  I hope it's a good one.

I am leaving some out, mostly competition based shows like The Contender, Fourth and Long, Pro's vs Joe's, etc that really are not worth talking about (The Contender was not too bad).

What shows do you remember?  Is there a show on now (or in the past) that I did not mention?  What is/was your favorite sports show?  Why no hockey or baseball shows? Do you prefer comedy, drama, reality, or competition?

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  1. More sports shows not worth talking about: The Onion SportsDome on Comedy Central, replaced by Sports Show with Norm MacDonald. At least Sports Show isn't just a bunch of made up stories. SportsDome was a straight SportsCenter parody, while Sports Show is done more like the Daily Show meets David Letterman, with a nicer desk and less in-your-face noise and graphics.