Friday, June 10, 2011

Worst Mailman Ever!

My new mailman SUCKS!  Each of the last five bubble mailers that have been mailed to me have been delivered to my neighbors house.  I am not sure what to do about it?  If I complain to the mailman about it, I am afraid that he will hold a grudge and not deliver them at all least I have a honest neighbor who has brought each of them to me.

If you and I have any trades in the works (Daily Dimwit, Beardy, Wicked, BA Benny, Greg), I will try to contact you soon to get those wheels back in motion, T-Ball ends next week so that should free up some time.

That being said, I just completed another trade with the Rhubarb Runner.  I sent him a Markakis Chicle bat card that I had doubles of, and about 35 or so Twinkies from his want list.  He did good by me yet again with a Cole Hamels g/u, some nice O's and P's, and Peter Pan!  here is what he sent me:
I love the Robin Roberts card in the center

He went out of his way to get me that Pan card, and for that, I thank him.  I also feel like I owe him a few, so when I have a chance, I will dig out some Puckett cards for him.

Also, today I looked in the center console of my car and found a pack (retail Topps Magic).  Who knows how long it had been there?  Have you found a pack in a odd location that you forgot about?  Was anything good in it?


  1. Dude, if you love me, no Puckett cards. Unless is something unusual (or new...and unusual) I really probably already have it. Well, in that case it'd be on my wantlists anyway, I guess.

    Thanks again for the help with the Markakis; I'll have my half of the trade post up once the rest of the trade irons out.

  2. Oh, and re: the postman -- have your neighbor do the complaining.