Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Derrick Mason 2010 As Predicted By Me!

At the beginning of the season when I confessed my goal of 24 Derrick Mason Patch cards, I also predicted his 2010 season stats.  Lets see how I did....

Mason had 61 receptions, I predicted 58.  I missed it by 3, a 5% margin of error. Ranked 39th in the NFL for 2010. (he was targeted 100 times, 37th in the NFL for 2010).

Mason had 802 yards receiving, I predicted 568.  He had 234 more yards than anticipated! (and 802 more receiving yards than me this year). Ranked 35th in the NFL for 2010.

And finally, Mason had 7 TD's, I predicted 10.  Still not too shabby! Ranked 21st (t) in the NFL for 2010.

A pretty good season for a 14 year veteran!  I sure hope he comes back for one more next season.  There is not a tougher WR out there and his numbers make a serious argument for HOF, but I fear that he will fall short of that accolade.

Behind Bill Bates, and Emmitt Smith, Derrick is my (3rd) favorite football player of all time.  I suggest you like him too!

If you have any Derrick Mason cards that you want to trade, hit me up and maybe we can work something out!

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