Saturday, January 8, 2011

Card Show Goodies!!!

I really have to make more time to write some posts.  I have been working day and night, and when I am not working I am being a parent, and when I am not working or parenting I am trying to get some sweet deals on cards.  Going forward I think I will work less so I can blog more.  I have a lot of good stuff to share, so I will start with some of what I got at today's card show.

A 2005 Topps Pristine Gaylord Perry (the first Perry relic in my collection), and a nice orange swatch of Brian Roberts 32/50.  Man I have a ton of the Baseball Heroes jersey cards.

This Derrick Mason is a 2009 Absolute Memorabilia Absolute Heroes Patch 46/50.  This is #22 on my way to my goal of 24 Derrick Mason Patch cards.  I have a feeling that when when I reach my goal, I will not be able to stop collecting Mason patch cards, nor will I want to.

I love me some Baltimore Football Legends!  This was just too sweet to walk past...Too bad it wasn't Unitas.

32/50 on The Ray Rice (same serial # as the Brian Roberts card in the first picture), and I like the Flacco, because it is not only two pieces, but they are from two different (college) jerseys.

I met Todd Heap about 6 weeks ago, and he is a really nice guy, add in the fact that he is from my alma mater (Arizona State University (Terrell Suggs is too)), and how can I not buy another of his jersey cards.  It was also only $2.  Cut signatures of living players might be the dumbest thing ever.  Having said that, there is very little of the 1983 World Series MVP, Rick Dempsey, out there.  And I think I have most of what there is!  I did not know that this card existed, but in buying it, I also scored 1/2 of a 1985 Fleer card too!

I wonder what Nick is looking at?  Maybe he is thinking this is the year we finally are competitive, Now that Buck is here in Baltimore things are looking much brighter.

I don't buy Packs of super premium products because I would NEVER pull cards like this.  A Cub, A Cardinal, and baseball Immortality!

I also got a bunch of Ripken and Markakis cards from a dollar box, and several cards for team sets.  I also got a few cards for my father, I will post those in a day or two.  Overall, I am pleased with what I got at the show.

See you next time-


  1. You did great!!! That signa cuts is AWFUL! but you got enough great stuff to totally make up for it...

  2. BANKS!!! Awesome grabs there, dude.

  3. I love the Lydell Mitchell helmet card autograph... I wish they would have had the players sign these on-card... that set would be fun to build.