Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birds In The Box, And Maybe Two Dozen?

Although card money has been scarce recently, I have been able to sneak few cards on the cheap out of Ebay.  I really don't love the fact that any Cowboy worth buying is to pricey for come auction closing time, but so be it.  I have had much success in shopping the auctions for Ravens, and this past week has not been an exception.
This is either my second or third time buying this exact card.  This specific copy of the card is numbered 4/50.  I now own at lease 4% of the total print run of this dual patch card (possibly 6% if this is my third).  I will buy the rest of them if I can get them for only $4.50 shipped like i got this one!
The "Greatest Show On Earth," was fun to watch, unless they were throwing up and down the field on your team!  I snuck this card out for $3.50 shipped.  Yet another auction that ended at around 5am EST, I keep trying to warn the ebay sellers that I am the only person on earth that is up that early every day!
This Ray Rice is 17/50.  I broke the bank on this one at $6.36 shipped.  I was very pleased when Rice changed his jersey number from 39 to 27 because I wore 27 in high school (for baseball, I wore 28 high school for football-there was no 27 jersey, so I had to settle for 28).
$5.25 shipped for this puppy!  A triple patch, with Derrick Mason on it!  This Mason brings me to 23 on my quest for 24.  This was the first time I have ever seen this card, and I was very pleased to be able to get it.
This sweet card came from the same seller as the Heap card above.  It is numbered 19/25.  More importantly, if my math is correct (it is often wrong), this card brings my Mason patch total to 24.  Which means that I have completed part one of my quest for 24 Derrick Mason patches, getting a total of 24 patches.  Part two would be 24 unique patch cards.

I will spend a few minutes when I have some time to confirm that I have hit my goal of 24, and if so, I will scan and post all 24.  Until then, happy collecting!

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  1. Congrats on hitting 24, and good luck reaching the next level as well. That Trios card is awesome, and I have never seen it before either.