Friday, January 22, 2010

Mason Strikes Again

I would like to thank ray Rice for having the fantastic season that he had.  Because of Rice's success, Derrick Mason cards have been flying under the radar as far as price goes.  Mason is  one of my favorite players, and hopefully a future Hall of Fame candidate.  Consider the following:

-He has more career receptions that Michael Irvin, JamesLofton, Steve Largent, John Stallworth, and Lynn Swann

-He has more receiving yards than Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, and trails Michael Irvin by only 815.

-He has more receiving touchdowns than Lynn Swann, and trails Stallworth by only 4, Irvin by 6, and Art Monk by 9.

Now, to the mailbox!!!

It appears that the cut on the Monday Night Heroes card is the "K" from teh name plate on the back of the jersey 18/50.  The Leaf Limited is pretty cool, it is the stripe on the trim of the sleeve opening 2/50.

The Koji Uehara is the product of a box break from 'I Am Joe Collector.'  The Rookies and Stars Longevity Mason is and awesome cut of the Baltimore Ravens/Maryland patch on the sleeve.  What is really cool about it is that when I got the card I could have sworn that it was a fake, the pattern was all wrong....then I flipped it upside down and it matched the patch perfect.  it is the only upside down patch in my entire collection! It is numbered 8/50.


  1. Nice cards dude. I totally agree about Mason. Just picked up an on-card auto of his for $6 on COMC.

  2. II have a Derrick Mason 3 color patch auto 7/8 for trade. The knuckle head above me doesn't like it, but I think its a cool card.

    LMK If your interested.

    Orange kool aid is better then grape, but I really enjoy Tang.