Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mail Day

Well out of the 19, that's right 19, items on Ebay that I bid on last week, I won an astounding,,,,1.   No really, that is actually a good thing, I am happy with the card I won. 

Thanks to the amazing season Ray Rice is having in Baltimore, a lot of collectors are overlooking a future Hall of Famer on that same very team.  Well now, don't be silly, no one has forgotten about Ray Lewis!!!  I am talking about Derrick Mason.  This guy is one of my favorite football players ever!  He is the pictuer next to the "There is no 'I' in team" entry in the dictionary.  This guy leaves it all on the field.  Last year, he played 5 games with a dislocated shoulder (3 in the playoffs), and made one of the most ridiculous catches I have ever seen.  C'mon now, you remember it, It was against my beloved Cowboys.  I am talking about the, excuse me while I just catch this TD pass while my are is falling off, catch!  Mason's career numbers are more than comparable with many of the WR's already enshrined...or better

Anyhow, below is my new 2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity Derick Mason 3-color patch card 23/25,


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  1. It pains me to say this, but I think Mason is just a tad bit shy of Canton. Not by much, mind you, and if he comes back for another season or 2, and the Ravens can win a Super Bowl, he might squeak in.

    I say he retires this off-season. What say you?