Sunday, September 25, 2011

Contest Ends Today at 8 pm

Just wanted to let everyone know that it is not too late to enter my contest.  I will close it at 8 pm tonight. 

To enter, just comment.  Here are a few hints.  I turned 37 today, the player is a Dallas Cowboy, and he is not in the HOF.

Has the correct answer been guessed???  Maybe....Maybe not....  I will say this In addition to the person who answers correctly (if someone does), I will also have a random winner form those who did not, so keep the guesses coming.  Two random winners if no one guesses right!

Also, as the official double super secret president in charge of contests on this blog, I have ruled that Kirk J of Eutaw Street Cardboard will be included as an entrant (is that a word?) even though he commented on the wrong post.  You see, he and I drank A LOT together in our 20's and he just may be a sick of gum short of a wax box!  No more so than me though.

Winners will be drawn tonight!

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