Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some New Pick Ups And Some thoughts

First of all, when I took my new job a year ago, I had no idea it was going to wear me out the way it has, add on coaching baseball in the summer, and my second job (especially busy in the winter), and I am too tired to do anything.  I do apologize for the infrequent posting and do plan to be a bit more active going forward.  I have my new android phone, and it looks like I can post from it, so bear with me if you see a few (test) less than pristine posts in the future.

Secondly, the prices of gas and a 85 mile round trip commute each day, has absolutely shattered my collecting budget in the last year.  I am saving up and hoping to go to National in Baltimore next year, but the way things are now, it is likely that I will not go to another show until then.

I did, however, get my box of A&G from Blowout Cards.  The UPS guy never even knocked on my door, he just left the package in front of it.  I watched him pull up, get out of the truck with my package, and then a minute later return to his truck without my package.  When I opened the door, there it was just waiting for my neighbors 7, that's right 7, children to come and take it!  The shipping box was beat to hell, but luckily the actual A&G box is huge and only cardless parts of it were damaged.   I like the cards, and most of the insert sets are nice (with one or two ugly exceptions). I will be collecting pretty much all of it...via Targer, Wallmart, and trade.  Here are the highlights of my box:

When I first saw these I thought, "What the hell..." it looks like they are for the breaking the code thing...whatever.  They are available for trade if you want them.

This is probably my first choice in box toppers, so I was really pleased with this one.  I would be curious to see what the Maryland state relic card has in it...probably Old Bay!

Hey Carlos Pena, when did the Devil Rays (I still call them that) have plaid uniforms?  The back of this card informs me of two things,  First, that it is a travel worn relic (really?!?!?!?), and second, that every time I think Topps is getting it together, they do something lazy/cheap/stupid like this!  Oh well, at least it is unique.  Hopefully this is not the beginning of a trend.  These are all available for trade, let me know if you like em.

I also got my first 2001 football card from ebay in the mail.  It looks like this week a deal will finally be in place to get the players back on the field!  If anyone is running a blogger fantasy football league this season, let me know, I am looking to play in a new league this year to replace one that I will not be returning to.

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