Saturday, February 26, 2011

Markakis: Some Numbers...And Maybe Some New Trades?

As we near the beginning of what could be a serious run for a pennant and possibly a World Series appearance for my Orioles here (humor me), I can't help but get excited once again for the new season of Orioles baseball!  The Orioles have made a lot of changes in the last several  months, none as big as bring in Buck to manage.  After all, he did lead the O's to the best record in the AL East from the time he arrived to the end of the season.  In my opinion though, the big moves the Orioles have made in bringing in Reynolds, Lee, and Vlad, will finally put a batting lineup around the man they used their 7th overall pick in the 2003 amateur draft on...Nicholas William Markakis!

After 3 brief seasons in the minors, he came up to the show and debuted at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Opening Day, Thursday April 3, 2006.  In a 9-6 win over the D-Rays, Markakis was a defensive replacement and had a put out and no plate appearances.  The following day Nick helped the O's cap off a 16-6 win over the Devil Rays with an eighth inning home run off of Dan Miceli.  After hitting a home run as his first major league hit, Baltimore knew it was in love with him! Oh yeah, he also drew 3 walks that game.

Nick went on to finish 6th in the ROY voting.  Here are just a few more of nick's notable numbers:

-In each of the last three seasons, Nick has ranked 3rd in the MLB in total plate appearances (710, 711, and 709 Respectively)
-In each of the last four seasons, Nick has ranked no lower than 10th in the MLB in total hits (2007 191 hits/7th, 2008 182 hits/10th, 2009 188 hits/7th, 2010 187 hits/5th)
-In each of the last four seasons, Nick has ranked no lower than 6th in the MLB in doubles (2007 43 2B/6th, 2008 48 2B/3th, 2009 45 2B/6th, 2010 45 2B/4th)
-In 2010 he ranked 9th in the MLB with 127 singles
-In 2009 Nick lead all of the majors with 10 sacrifice flies
-Nick has 1500 putouts as a right fielder and has finished each of his major league seasons ranked no lower than 3rd.  He is ranked 65th all time.
-Even more impressive, Nick has led the bigs in assists by a right fielder twice and has never been ranked lower than 4th in this category in his career.  He currently ranks 61st all time. 

If you guessed that Nick Markakis is my favorite baseball player, well, you guessed right!

I am interested in trading for anything Markakis that I do not have.  If you have something that you might to trade to me, let me know and we can try to work out a trade!

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