Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mail Day, Trades Galore!

I still have a few trades in the works right now.  It's funny, trading is kinda like dating.  You start out all hot and heavy, then things gradually slow down until one of you feel like you are waiting for ever to hear from the other...getting jealous and bitter, "He is probably out trading with some other blogger." Then finally you talk again, and end up sealing the deal! (some people need a cigarette afterward).

Well, below are sealed deals! Thanks to BA Benny from BA Bennys Baseball Card Buffet (he's a Mets guy, I wonder if the BA stands for Benny Agbayani?), Steve, Tim, and Hackenbush over at Can't Have Too Many Cards

First up is Tim.  Tim Sent me a bunch of O's and Phillies that  need for my team sets Highlighted by the following cards.  A pretty clean trade, I sent him an A&G Melky Cabrera bat card and some Yankees .

Hackenbush just sent me these 2 Brooksy and the Jim Palmer cards by request.  I offered to reciprocate,  but he hasn't asked for anything in  return.  We will trade again one day, and I will  secretly slide some extra cards in there for him to make up for it.

Steve Responded to one of my trade posts, and for a mere Topps Gold David Wright, College Threads Tom Seaver, Bowman Shane Victorino, and Heritage Chome Mike Piaza...he sent me some tough cards for team sets and a Javy Lopez bat and Todd Heap Jersey.

And finally BA Benny took a Giambi pinstripe jersey card and Donruss Threads Pete Rose insert card (and I do not remember what else, sorry) and sent me the following tasty morsels

I know that I have made a few trades recently that have not been posted, and for that I apologize.  I promise to try to get them all posted in the future.

To all that have traded with me, I thank you.  To all that are currently mixed up in a trade with me, I thank you in advance.  And, to all that have not yet traded with me...stay tuned, because I will post another round of cards to trade soon, and I plan to add about 100 or so insert/serial # cards to my photobucket.

I am off to the card store for some supplies.  Til we meet again......

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