Monday, September 20, 2010

I Am Going Through Trading Withdrwal... Who Wants To Trade?

OK fellas, I have some m ore trade to make, and I need your help!  (I can't trade alone).  Here are a few new cards, and I just put up about 80 new cards in my photobucket, so take a look at that too  Click here to go to my Photobucket.

I have more cards to post to trade, and some to re post, but this will do for now.  None of the cards are too amazing, but hopefully you will see something you like. 


  1. Alright I'll bite, there's some stuff in your Photobucket I like. I've got a bunch of your Philly faves I've been itching to get rid of, and a few Cowboys. Nothing amazing, but there's some inserts.

  2. Please put me down for the stafford and best patch cards. I'd really like to make a deal for those two.