Friday, April 2, 2010

Allen & Ginter....What Do I Do?

Greetings sports fans!  I am as happy as everyone that an end has come to the absolute ambush of baseball products.  We went from some, to a few more, to some more, to a lot more, to WTF is going on-where did all of these new sets come from, to a few less, to a few more less, to last year's version of less, to what looks to be a manageable total number of releases this year!....I think.

Which leads me to...My wife says to me "Hey Dgreen1899 form Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid,"  that is what she usefully calls me, "I am making your Easter basket and I want to put some packs in it, do you want to go to the card store and pick some out?"  Did I ever mention that my wife absolutely rocks!?  Well, we went and there was nothing there that I wanted.  Due to a lack of new products...nothing excited me, and for the first time in my life, I went to the card store and didn't buy ANYTHING!

Now, I am longing (yearning even) for a fresh new product.  When I started writing this post, I was considering, but now I know what I must do...START COLLECTING 2010 ALLEN & GINTER! (when they are released),

I will build the base set, the Lords of Olympus, the Monsters of the Mesozoic, the Greatest Wordsmiths, the National Animals, the Sailors of the Seven Seas, the This Day In History, and  the Baseball Highlight Sketch Cards sets. 

I will want to trade, and trade, and trade to work towards completion. 

I will try to convince my wife to give me a rain check on the Easter basket packs until the A&G come out.

Now I am excited!

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