Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two In A Row...Unbelievable!

Two nights in a row I go to target, and two nights in a row I see this.  This guy was actually taking piles of packs and putting them down at the closed register to search, just being blatantly obvious about it.  at least the guy the night before was only doing it 1 pack at a time.

The lesson to learn here, is don't shop for cards at the Target on Ritchie Highway!

All I can say is there must be some great stuff that I don't know about in Heritage because this joker was searching Topps Heritage too.

Just like my last post, anyone who comments with a pack searching story or a nickname for this boob will get a bonus entry into a contest that I will post in the next few days.


  1. I dont get it, there isnt some magical 100,000 dollar card in any of these packs whats the point of being that guy?

  2. Willie the White Swatch King forgot the laundry detergent for the drool stains on his t-shirt. Guess he'll have to come back tomorrow.

  3. I can't think of a nickname, but I love the fact that you are showing XL hangers while taking a pic of this creep.

    Actually, I just thought of one. You said this guy was searching at the same target right?

    Just call him "Ritchie Highway's sloppy seconds"!

  4. call it like it is---Pack searching Man

  5. "The Gut Grubber." That mass of flesh above his waist line gives him that super-sensitive touch.

  6. Just tell the guy that some other lowlife already searched the packs yesterday.