Monday, March 28, 2011

Mial From Topps Via Tristar

I finally got my Topps Tribute Nick Markakis Auto redemption in the mail.  But the funny thing is that the return address was Tristar Fulfillment.  I am looking at the envelope thinking, "What the hell did Tristar send me?"  Turns out it wasn't from Tristar at all.  I was supposed to get this card in November....Topps continues to suck!  At least I got my card.  The only company I have ever had pleasant redemption experiences with is Donruss/Panini.   Well, here it is

  This tasty little morsel cam in today's mail too, only $5.00 shipped!


  1. Hmmm.... you're Markakis looks just like mine, right down to the single bat chunk, and black coloration.

    That's an interesting combo for a dual patch, considering the nasty hit that Lewis laid on Keller. Don't remember if that was early this past season, or the season before that, but it was awesome.

  2. I was confused too about the "Tristar" label... when my Ed Reed "Topps Magic" autograph arrived.

  3. Beardy, That Hit was in week one this season, and if I remember correctly, it was in the last 5 minutes of the game, and it was bone crushing!

    Fuji, any chance you would be willing to trade the Reed?