Sunday, March 14, 2010

Card Show Success...Broke, But Happy!

So my Saturday cards show was a HUGE success!  I got tons of cards for team sets, including the 2010 Heritage Adam Jones dice game Back SP.  I also got a bunch of Markakis cards too. I even started my Matt Wieters collection!
The Markakis above is the chrome version.

The 2010 Heritage Markakis in this scan is 390/561.  The 2008 Topps Chrome Ed Reed card is a refractor, and the 2008 Topps Chrome Ed Reed card says refractor on the back, but It has that fancy-pants cubed/prism look to it like an xfractor.  I will have to do a little research on it, maybe it is labeled wrong?  I am slowly but surely creeping towards completion for my 2002 Diamond Kings set too!
 You can't see it on the scan, but the '09 Triple Threads Markakis is 27/27, which is awesome because that was my HS jersey #!  The Tomlinson is just plain sweet, 3/25.  I have been a big Tomlinson fan since his days at TCU.  I may just buy me a Jets jersey now that he has a new home.  And finally, at 39/50, the McGahee card was screaming at me from across the show! I had to buy it, I just had to, I love the pic/painting on it.

I love me some Eddie!!

Markakis again, and Derrick Mason, old school.  I am glad that the Ravens signed him for 2 more years.  Along with Bolden and Stallworth, that is one scary group of receivers for Flacco's to make the Pro Bowl with!

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  1. Nice stuff!!! I'm pysched that LT's a Jet! Send me an email based on our trade, haven't talked trade in a while. Drew