Friday, May 7, 2010

Thanks Pop!

First of all, I would not feel right if I didn't mention The passing of Robin Roberts.  He was my fathers favorite player when he was growing up.  I will never forget back in 1992 when my dad and I were at the MLB All Star Fanfest and he got to meet Roberts for the first time.  Were were in line waiting to get autographs, and just when we were about fourth from the front, they announced that the athletes were going to rotate out and four new signers would come in about five minutes.  I was so excited that the five minutes seemed more like five seconds!  Of the four new signers that came out I can only remember two right now.  A man who looked to be about 95 cam out, he was Leon Day of the 1934 Baltimore Black Sox.  Sadly he died of heart attack at age 78, only 6 days after learning of his election into Cooperstown.  The other player I remember was Robin Roberts.  When my father got Roberts' auto, he was absolutely glowing, As happy as I have ever seen him.  Every now and then My father and I still talk about that day.

Oh, and just in case you didn't know, Roberts won 20 games in six consecutive seasons and threw 305 complete games amongst a ton of impressive lines on his resume.

Speaking of My father...Pops hit up a Florida card show a few weeks back and as usual picked up some goodies for me.  I got the package yesterday, and was quite pleased with what was inside.  Besides having quite a bit of Orioles I need for my team sets, he got me these G/U's...
2005 Timeless Treasures Frank Robinson Bat 47/50

2004 Finest Palmeiro Jersey and 2008 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue Mason Jersey 34/50

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