Saturday, July 31, 2010

Custom Card Success!

I am going to National here in Baltimore on Thursday and Friday.  Those are the two days that work best for me and my personal/business schedule.  There is just one problem.  My son turns 6 on Friday.  I sat down to talk to him to see if he wanted to come with me, if he wanted me to stay home, or if he had a different idea.  The last thing I want to do is miss my sons birthday. 

He says to me, "Daddy, My party is not on that day, so it is ok if you go.  I only want to go to the pool that day."

"Are you sure?" (Mommy can take him to the pool)

"Yes, but I want you to get me something really cool...will you be home that night?

"I will be home in the early evening, and I will get you something really cool!"

-Just a side note, I would be getting home at the same time from work if I did not take the day off.

What is a really cool thing to get at National for an about-to-be 6 year old who asks me to touch every sing game used card I own....I came up with this...and it only cost me $3.00 to have printed on card stock paper...
Of course, I did not cut up his actual T-ball jersey, I bought a new shirt in the same color.

I have to thank my buddy Andrew who helped with the Photoshop action.  The bear is a loge for a minor league team in Washington State (I forget which one).  

I have to say, I think that this will be a pretty cool thing to bring back from National for my kid on his birthday!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A National Phenomenon!!!

With National less than 3 weeks away!!! I couldn't be more excited!  Not only is it my first time going, but is is right in my backyard (only 8 miles from my front door) in Charm City! Since it is not likely that I will be going again for the next few years (2011 it is in Rosemont, IL, and 2012 in Cleveland), I want to make the most of it.

About a year ago, I put a savings plan in place (and actually stuck to it!), so I will have funding.  It is never as much as you want, but it is more than I would take to a mall show!  I am also in the process of getting all of my want lists up to date and accurate.  If I can fill a few of them out, that would be great, but if I get distracted by some cool g/u's or autos or vintage cards, that is ok too.  I am sure I will buy a few boxes of something as well.

I am not really an autograph hound, so I won't really have to deal with the crowd or lines that come with the autograph pavilion.  I love to meet my heroes, but I hate to pay big money to get their signatures.
Are you going to National this year?  How are you financing it, did you have a creative way of saving, or are you just a big money millionaire to begin with?  What are you looking for at National or are you just gonna buy what ever catches your eye? let me know what your thoughts and expectations of National are.
I hope to see you there! 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Contest is Over and There Is a Winner!!!

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to share their tobacco card storage methods with me, I had a few real nice suggestions in there.  The method that I am using (at least for now) is anything of value is going into tobacco toploaders and sleeves.  I Bought some with my box of 2010 A&G from Blowout Cards, but you can also get them right from the manufacturer over at BCW.  The commons, I am putting in a plastic 100 card snap case (sideways).

The final entrants are as follows:
Play At The Plate has 3 entries
BA Benny has 4 entries
Fuji  has 1 entry
Dogfacedgremlin has 4 entries
Cynicalbuddha  has 4 entries
TheJaw has 1 entry
AdamE has 2 entries
Cam has 4 entries
NMCLax24  has 1 entry

I went over to and put in each entry.  Prior to randomizing the list, my son decided for me that whoever was first on the list after 5 randomizations will be the winner.  Here they are:

Randomization #1  
Randomization #2

Randomization #3

Randomization #4

Randomization #5

Congratulations BABenny, you are the winner!  Please shoot you address over to me and I will get the prize out to you.  And that prize is.....

A tobacco sized game used card of a 14 year MLB veteran, Todd Helton

and, a tobacco sized game used card of a 17 year MLB veteran, Larry Walker

Congratulations again to BABenny, and that you to everyone who provided me with suggestions!