Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The "You Did WHAT With The Cup?" Contest

OK, its my turn to run a contest.  I am not sure what the prizes will be yet, but plan on them having something to do with your favorite team/player (baseball, football, basketball, or hockey).

Well, I am happy to say that the "Flyers West" (LA Kings) won Lord Stanley's Cup.  Now each player on the Kings will get to spend one day doing just about anything they want with the "Cup" in their possession.  Some of the Champions have done some crazy stuff in their 24 hours with it...a few examples:
-Sylvain Lefebvre had his daughter baptized in it.
-One of the 1905 Senators drop kicked into a frozen canal.
-In 1924 one of the Canadians accidentally left it on the side of the road.
-In 1941 the Rangers burned the MSG mortgage in it accidentally setting it on fire, only to extinguish it with urine.
-Doug Weight mad an ice cream sundae for his kids in it.
-Steve Yzerman showered with it.
-Mark Messier took it to a strip club and let one of the girls make it part of her act.

Those are just a few of the Stanley Cups escapades!  So what is the contest, you ask?  Well, I'll tell ya...1)Leave a comment telling me what you would do with Lord Stanley's Cup, the crazier the better.  That is worth 1 entry.  2)Follow this blog for another entry (you must leave a comment about your day with the cup to get this entry), those already following will get an entry for following  when they comment about their day with the cup.  3)Pimp me for another entry, again you will only get the pimping entry if you comment about your day with the cup (leave a link to the pimping).

As promised, the following have a bonus entry for commenting on my pack searching scumbag posts: Richard Nebe Jr, Brad #39, GCA, Zach, lifetimetopps, Kazi, Dhoff, Rhubarb Runner, the Lost Collector, Kirk Jacobson-or as the cool kids call him- "Potzie", Crackin Wax, and Jake.  

Those listed above are eligible for all three entries listed as well.

I will choose my favorite entry for the first winner.  I will randomize the rest of the entries to chose a second winner - the winner I chose as my favorite day with the cup will not be part of the randomization, thus guaranteeing two winners

The contest will run about a week.  Let me know if you have any questions


  1. I would take the Cup to my favorite dive bar with a group of my friends. Everyone will drink some booze out of the Cup. Drinks will be on me and the Cup will be full of brew all night long.

  2. I am a follower.

    I would start off the morning eating cereal out of it with my kids (our favorite is Cinnamon Toast Crunch) then taking it to work filled with coffee during a day long meeting - need the caffeine to keep me away. Finally I would end my day at the local sports bar watching the Giants beat up on the Dodgers drinking Newcastle Brown Ale out of the cup - What a day!!!

    You have been pimped:

    Thanks for the contest!

  3. I am a follower.

    First off I would draw a smiley face on it and wear it over my head as if it were a hat. Then, I would go around New York City (with it still on my head) and say hi to everybody and claim myself as Cup Man and also claim that I could shoot cups of Kool-Aid at bad guys (Cubs players). Then finally, I would go win the Indianapolis 500 and drink the milk from the cup. And that is how I would spend my day with the Stanley Cup.

    Thanks for the contest!

  4. I would also start the morning off with a nice Stanley Cup filled with Captain Crunch, letting my four girls clean the dregs out of it. Then it would be a trip to Starbucks, talking them into making me a super Venti Stanley Cup White Chocolate Mocha Latte. I would then stop by and pick up every buddy of mine that's a hockey fan and run by the Norfolk Scope early in the day to take a picture of the Stanley Cup with the Calder Cup and this year's winners, the 2012 Admirals. I would then spend the remainder of the day running from Animal Shelter to animal shelter, taking as many pictures of the homeless critters with the cup for publicity. Followed by a late night trip to Cold Stone Creamery for a Stanley Cup sundae to finish out the day, once again getting my four girls to help me clean up the cup. And this day would have to be July 17th for it to be a truly memorable day for me.
    Thanks for a neat contest,

  5. I'm a follower.

    I'd make a call to Charlie Sheen's publicist and say the I have the cup for a day and wanted to party with him. Pretty sure he would plan and do something crazier with it then any one of us could dream up right now.

  6. My day with the Cup would begin with a big helping of bacon and eggs served from it. When I got to work and let everybody play with it I would strap it to the hood of my truck and have the coolest hood ornament ever. Can you imagine seeing a phone company truck pulling out fresh cable with the Stanley Cup on the hood, way cool! After a hard day's work we would clean up the Cup and take it out for a night on the town in NYC. Large quantities of cold beer and vodka shots would be served up in the Cup for sure along with a bevy of beauties holding it and treating it right, maybe even dancing with it. Next stop is after hours club with the Cup for one last hurah to end the evening of fun before returning it to its rightful place currently in LA.

    Just a thought.

    I have pimped.

  7. I would do nothing with The Cup which could be considered dishonorable to the many great teams which have won it. But then I'd reconsider and come to my senses and see if anyone I knew wanted to try potty train their kid with it.

  8. I've got two friends who are much bigger hockey fans compared to me, so I'd have to make sure they came along for the ride. First, we'd probably take turns holding it over our heads and doing victory laps around our favorite roller hockey haunts. Then we'd challenge the neighborhood kids to beat us 2 out of 3 in shootouts for the chance to do the same. Knowing one of my pals he'd probably try to engrave our names in it, and spell my name wrong.

    Promoted here:

  9. I'm a follower

    For my day with the Cup, I would take it to Toronto and have my own parade by the Air Canada Centre and past Maple Leaf Gardens


  10. I'm a follower. I'd take the Cup over by the Dallas Stars front office so they remember what it looks like. Maybe inspire them a bit. Then I'd take it to the Ballpark and see if Josh Hamilton could hit a homer into it. I think I'd watch the Rangers game with it full of guacamole for my chips.

  11. Pimped, and I've followed for some time.

    My day with the Cup:

    Having won it alongside Ryan Getzlaf and the rest of the Ducks, my day would be oh so simple. The Cup, Kate Upton, Alison Brie, Erin Hawksworth, and myself. Clothing optional.

  12. I'd melt the whole thing down and then make thirteen smaller cups each one-fourteenth the size of the Stanley. These smaller cups would be named the Bid McPhee Cups and would be shaped like baseballs. What would I do with the other fourteenth, you ask? The last fourteenth of the Stanley would be made into a key chain-sized Stanley, which is what I'd return to the team.

  13. OK, I would definitely not eat or drink anything out of it. After that whole 1941 urine thing I just couldn't.

    I am a bit of an adventurer and like to travel so I would go to Egypt with it and sail the Nile. Why? Why the hell not?

  14. Just to be different - we still play some serious pick up games. I would actually plan playing a one game championship for the cup. Winners get to parade around with it just like the LA Kings (and every other past Stanley Cup winner). Then we would do a midnight car parade down the beach with the cup ... invite the town !

  15. hey there. just discovered your blog and now following. as for cup day:

    we just had puppies here, so for the cuteness factor - put those puppies in there for some pics.
    after that cutesy move, make a few bucks by taking it to venice nbeach and let folks take thier pic with it for a couple bucks a photo.
    other people's money now in my hands, its off to the stripper bar' i'll wear it around my neck and tell them i'm flava flave.
    after that, off to the girlfriends house and make a d**k in a stanley cup. hilarity and private moments will ensue.
    finally - put it in a cab to be left off at the usa/canadian border, where they can only look, but dont touch lord stanley's cup across the border !!! HA !

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