Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trip to the Card Store

I had to get a filling yesterday, so to reward myself for putting up with the misery involved with a trip to the dentist, I stopped by the card shop on the way home. I actually did need to get some screw cases, so the stop did have purpose. I have two card shops near me (I am very lucky for that). Unfortunately, the shops that was on my way home was the expensive one, about a buck more expensive per pack.

So, I got my cases, but even at a buck a pack more expensive, I couldn't leave without getting a few packs. I picked up two FB and two BB...and got crap. If you see anything below that you wantm, let me know:
2009 Topps BB
325 Dustin McGowan
287 Greg Maddux
23 Gerald Laird
144 Matt Tuiasosopo
229 Cesar Izturis
238 Jorge Canbtu
262 Mike Gonzalez
119 Craig Counsell
TR26 Christian Guzman (Turkey Red)
TTT20 lance Berkman (Topps Town)

2009 Topps Heritage BB
423 Brian Buscher
347 Jack Cust
322 David Wright
258 Jack Wilson
136 Mike Tuisosops
99 lastings Milledge
93 Rickie Weeks

2009 SP Authentic FB
18 Chad Johnson
1 Marshawn Lynch
90 Edgerin James
10 Darrell Revis
67 Roy Williams

2009 Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity FB
71 Zach Miller
4 Edgerin James
47 Reggie Williams (144/149)
92 Jeff garcia
59 Laurence maroney

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